Sally Rappeport

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs


I am available to help you with your most difficult herbal medicine cases.  Please contact me via Email or schedule via the Book Online button.  You will be directed to my patient website. Go to the Philmont location and use the dropdown to schedule a Mentoring session on Monday, Thursday, or Friday. You only need to add minimal info.   Once you schedule, I will send you a link to my zoom room.  I charge $125/hour.  You can pay me using by Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle. Please send case(s) at least 24 hours in advance.  


Case Format Guidelines (do the best you can)

The goal of this format is designed to help the practitioner clarify important aspects of a case and to help me get a good sense of the patient. Keep it as brief as possible without sacrificing important information. Sometimes people’s back story can be compelling, but the details are unimportant for your diagnosis.

Help me by reducing the number of words and organize your findings with the following in mind:

  • Organize related signs together
  • Summarize complicated histories, but do include precipitating factors relating to their chief problems such as illnesses, accidents, childbirth, major stressors
  • Distill emotional states into themes, especially emphasizing the physical sensation of the emotions
  • List frequency and length of symptoms, such as 1X/week for 1 hour.
  • List what helps and what makes symptoms worse, with b/w for “better with” and w/w for “worse with.”

Begin by letting me see your patient:

  1. Age, posture, body shape[4], complexion, demeanor, voice, shen–, anything you notice in an initial visual and sensed way., What strikes you? What are key impressions you have?
  2. Main complaint
  • Describe MC with related symptoms according to the guidelines above. Include precipitating, aggravating, and helpful factors, and length of time it has gone on.

3.  List secondary and tertiary complaints, making sure to include how they relate to the main complaint.

4.  Go through the main systems, listing “normal” when it is normal (i.e. don’t write “urinates 4-5 X/day.” This way all information is always about pathology. (Be careful to not accept an answer of “normal” from the patient. If they “normally” move their bowels every 2-3 days, and consider that “normal” or have “normal” menstrual pain, that is not normal.)

  • Breathing/Respiratory health
  • Digestion BM, gas, bloating, include diet 3 meals? Vegan? Eats meat? cravings?
  • Urination
  • Thirst/fluid temperature preference
  • Sweating/ Aversion to wind
  • Body temperature
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Emotions
  • Skin/Hair/Nails
  • Gynecology/Obstetric History, Sexual Health (male and female)
  • ENT

Please include tongue photos if possible.

CLASSES; "Gui zhi tang and its Modifications" will be taught again in January 2023.Stay tuned for details.