Sally Rappeport

Acupuncture & East Asian Herbal Medicine

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Sally Rappeport’s

Clinics in Park Slope and Philmont, NY
Practicing since 1998

  • Acupuncture

  • East Asian Herbal Medicine

  • Bodywork – Bowen Therapy

  • Dietary therapy

Conditions treated:

  • Pain, acute and chronic

  • Chronic medical issues

  • Women’s health including:

    •  PMS

    •  Fertility

    • Pregnancy

    • Childbirth

    • Menopause

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(917) 208-4730  Philmont, NY and best # during COVID

(718) 398-5284  911 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11215


Do you need a mentor?  

I’m available for difficult herb cases.

East Asian Herbal Medicine sees each person as a unique individual.

This perspective combined with my more that 20 years experience treating and studying the human body is what most benefits my patients.

I developed my assessment skills through many years of dance training, exploration with Continuum movement, practicing shiatsu, and studying herbs. All this,  balanced with a hands-on approach to healing and the intellectual orientation of East Asian and Western medicine resources enables treatments to have depth, scope and success.

One of my goals is to help patients feel comfortable

with a process that is quite different from visiting a conventional doctor. For me, this involves taking time to listen to each person’s story and asking a series of questions to discern the nature of the condition. Questions concern constitutional issues of hot and cold, thirst, sweat, energy levels, sleep, digestion, pain, etc. I combine this information with pulse and tongue examination to determine a pattern of imbalance and come up with a corresponding treatment for the condition.

During the course of treatment, I help guide the patient toward a lifestyle that supports optimal health. Making use of research derived from conventional and alternative medicine, I develop a plan in synch with the demands of the patient’s work, family and healthcare needs.